Jamie Tworkowski

"If you’ve been thinking about enlisting Jamie’s coaching services—do it! He utilizes a person-centered, goal-driven approach to help you identify your areas of need and then prioritizes small, achievable steps to work toward those goals. Jamie is caring, thoughtful and hugely empathetic; I have found my time with him to not only be helpful but also recharging. 10/10 would recommend."

–Tiffany Townsend MA LMHC

“Being coached by Jamie has been a truly positive and affirming experience. He offers compassionate perspective and expert insight into subjects like self-care and cultivating close friendships, while also delivering kind accountability and follow-ups on the previous session’s action items. In a few short weeks, he has helped me make several measurable changes that have progressed my ability to balance both my professional and personal life. If you are looking for honest, genuine conversation full of tangible takeaways, I cannot recommend Jamie enough.”

–Martha K.

"Being an expat in a foreign country, I don't have a huge network of people to talk with about deeper choices I need to be making. My boyfriend and I have talked to Jamie about our relationship, our histories, and our dreams in a way that feels natural and puts us at ease. We've been able to talk about heavier topics, but the conversations always feel light, yet insightful. Jamie's feedback is authentic and encouraging. These sessions are helping us both as individuals and as a couple, as we prepare for our next steps."

–Stacie Jones

“Enlisting Jamie's coaching services is one of the best decisions I’ve made. We discussed my friendships, anxieties / fears, and most importantly, the relationship I want to have with myself moving forward. Jamie speaks to you like an old friend. He listens and communicates with compassion, kindness, and understanding. If you are on the fence about signing up, I would 100% recommend doing it.”

–Jordan M.


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