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“I’m in a Season of Change” Conversation Ticket (5/27)

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An experiment of sorts. Public speaking allows me to share with large groups but it’s mostly me talking. Coaching is highly interactive but I can only connect with one person at a time. Lately I’ve been able to split the difference, to host a group but do so in a way where it’s a conversation. 

In 2020 I moved back to Florida after giving Nashville a try, and then in 2021 I left the organization I started after 15 years. I had a romantic relationship end and then managed to find my way into another round of heartache in 2022. Perhaps you can relate.

Maybe it’s a move. Maybe it’s a career change. Maybe it’s a new baby or maybe your baby just moved out. Maybe it’s a breakup or divorce or maybe you’re stepping into a new relationship. Maybe it’s a combination. 

What now? What’s next? How do I decide? What can I hold onto in the midst of transition? Can I be honest about the fear? What do I actually want? What does being healthy look like in this season?

Join me for a conversation on Saturday, May 27 at 7pm ET. We’ll connect via Zoom and the event will be limited to eight people, so that everyone gets time to share. We will likely finish between 9:30 and 9:45pm ET. I’m happy to stick around until 10pm ET to connect more and answer questions.