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“I’m in a Season of Change” Conversation Ticket (10/1)

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An experiment of sorts. Public speaking allows me to share with large groups but it’s mostly me talking. Coaching is highly interactive but I can only connect with one person at a time. I’ve been wanting to find a way to split the difference, to host a group but do it in a way where it’s a conversation.

On the heels of eight sold-out “I Wish I Had More Friends” small-group events, I’m excited to introduce a new topic: “I’m in a Season of Change.”  

In 2020 I moved back to Florida after giving Nashville a try, and then in 2021 I left the organization I started after 15 years. I had a romantic relationship end last year and then managed to find my way into another round of heartache earlier this year. Perhaps you can relate.

Maybe it’s a move. Maybe it’s a career change. Maybe it’s a new baby or maybe your baby just moved out. Maybe it’s a breakup or divorce or maybe you’re stepping into a new relationship. Maybe it’s a combination. 

What now? What’s next? How do I decide? What can I hold onto in the midst of transition? Can I be honest about the fear? What do I actually want? What does being healthy look like in this season?

Join me for a conversation on Saturday, October 1 at 7pm ET. We’ll connect via Zoom and the event will be limited to eight people, so that everyone gets time to share. We will likely finish between 9:30 and 9:45pm ET. I’m happy to stick around until 10pm ET to connect more and answer questions.

Please note: $75 reflects a price increase from the initial “I Wish I Had More Friends” conversations. This started as a two-hour event with ten people. I’m now committing to three hours with eight people. You get more time to share and we get more time together.