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    Includes links to watch both nights of BEGIN AGAIN! 

    Update: Levi The Poet has been added to both dates! He will perform for 25-30 minutes and he’ll stick around for Q&A as well. 

    Say it's true, it's true

    And we can break throughThough torn in twoWe can be one

    I, I will begin again
    I, I will begin again

    --New Year's Day by U2


    What exactly is this event? 

    BEGIN AGAIN is an online speaking event. I'll be sharing some thoughts on the new year and change, first on Saturday, December 30 and again on Tuesday, January 2. The same talk, same material, but through two different lenses or perspectives. On 12/30 the new year will be hypothetical, rich with possibility, something still in the future. A few days later, 2024 will have arrived. For many of us that means back to work, back to normal, back to reality. Do we still hope for something new or does the wonder quickly fade? I'll talk about New Year's resolutions. Is there something to them or are they bullshit or perhaps a bit of both? Is it possible to change? We'll revisit "Welcome to Midnight" from my book If You Feel Too Much as well. 

    Is this a small-group conversation? Do I have to say anything?

    No to both. You're welcome to simply show up and listen.  

    Will the format be similar to the EVEN NOW event you did back in September during National Suicide Prevention Week?

    Yes. BEGIN AGAIN is happening online. I’ll be sitting at my desk. After saying hello and welcoming everyone, Levi The Poet will perform for 25-30 minutes. Then I’ll speak for around 50 minutes. Q&A happens after that, meaning Levi and I will stick around to answer questions. After a lot of years of doing these types of events, I can tell you that Q&A is often the highlight. 

    You mentioned “online.” What will the format / platform be?

    Zoom. You will receive the link via email a few days before the first event. That link will work for both dates.

    Am I supposed to check out both? How different will the two talks be?  

    Initially, I wanted to offer two dates for people who are traveling or have other plans. The two talks will be very similar but I do think there will be some variation based on when each one is happening, a 2023 edition and then a second option that finds us settling into 2024. If I had to quantify the difference, my guess is the two talks will differ by 10-20%. 

    Any opener or special guests? 

    Levi The Poet! 

    When are these again?

    BEGIN AGAIN is happening twice. The first date is Saturday, December 30 and the second is Tuesday, January 2. Both will start at 7pm ET. Purchasing a ticket gives you access to both dates, along with both recordings.

    So there will there be two recordings?

    Yes. Each one will be available the next day (12/31 & 1/3) and you will be able to watch for 30 days. You will receive a link via email. 

    Do I need to buy a ticket in order to attend and to access the recordings?



    Because this is my job. Gracie’s treats cost money. 

    What if I can’t make it and want a refund?

    Sales are final. No refunds. The good news is that even if you have to miss both events, you will be able to watch both recordings.

    Any merch?

    Not as of now but that could change. I do like merch.