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“Connection (In the Absence of Romantic Love)” Conversation Ticket (3/25)

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An experiment of sorts. Public speaking allows me to share with large groups but it’s mostly me talking. Coaching is highly interactive but I can only connect with one person at a time. Recently I’ve been finding a way to split the difference, to host a group but do so in a way where it’s a conversation.

From one-on-one coaching calls to the initial small-group conversations focused on friendship and self-care, being single is a subject that keeps coming up. So let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about loneliness and dating apps and trying to be patient and trying to remain hopeful. Let’s talk about ways we can do our best to be healthy and happy even when romantic love is absent. Let’s focus on connection.

For me personally, no other part of life has been more challenging as an adult. I did not expect to still be single at 43. From painful breakups to time spent in the friend zone to situationships, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and hopefully I’ve learned a few things along the way, especially in recent years. Shout-out to codependency, attachment styles, and boundaries. 

Romantic love remains my biggest dream but I’ve come to believe that connection is vital, especially in the absence of romantic love. People need people. We’re made to be loved and known, whether we have a significant other or not. Let’s talk about all of it.

Join me for a conversation on Saturday, March 25 at 7pm ET. We’ll connect via Zoom and the event will be limited to eight people, so that everyone gets time to share. We will likely finish between 9:30 and 9:45pm. I’m happy to stick around until 10pm ET.